Conditions for Selling Gold

The customers, both husband and wife, must come in person to provide the details about the gold they are selling, such as the shop from which it was purchased. If this seems correct, the R-Gold branch gold jewellery appraiser will check the gold jewellery quality and compare it with the 99.99 pure gold’s current rate in the market, and then will inform them of the exact amount they can get for 1 gram of the gold. The gold and jewels are only accepted by the office, if the sellers accept the provided rate. It is not compulsory to sell the gold for the determined amount provided. Similarly, the gold and jewels are accepted from the customer if, and only if, it seems a genuine deal.

It is mandatory for the couple (husband and wife) to provide proof of their address and proof of their IDs. Moreover they must have the details of their bank account number and IFSC CODE NO. If they are working, they must provide their work ID as a source. If they own their own business, they must show a Registration Certificate or GST credentials matching that business.

The R-Gold Company will only purchase gold ornaments when you come as a couple (husband & wife), or with your mother or father, or with a family member. If any customer visits with a third party or with a mortgage merchant without the requested accurate information, the R-Gold company will refuse to buy.

If gentlemen come alone, they should furnish the purchase information (bills) for the gold jewellery under their name, or should furnish their employee ID, and if running a business they should provide their GSTIN details. If the gold jewellery was purchased in a foreign country, the customer should provide the purchase information along with their passport.

If R-Gold suspects a customer, or if they cannot provide valid information, or if after enquiries it is found to be suspicious, or if the gold is stolen, they will be reported to a nearby police station.

Customers can receive a certain amount of the sale value as cash. Amounts of more than the specific cash limit can be received through the RTGS/IMPS system.