Cash For Gold

R-Gold Exchange buy quality products and give the best value to you. Also, we do on the spot analysis of the products and make on the spot payment as well. Bring your unwanted products and get the best deal; we buy products in bulk as well as small quantities.

We believe in giving our esteemed clientele a product which is guaranteed to be highest in quality as specified by us, at a reasonable price. If u want to sell your gold in market rate? if u want to change your gold in one finance to another finance? Please contact R-Gold Exchange.

You should always try to find out how much your gold items are worth before deciding who to sell them to. Weighing and looking at the hallmarks on pieces of gold will help you to assess how much your items might be worth based on the current market value of gold.

Get complete information about the gold rate in R-Gold Exchange. If you want to sell gold. Please Contact Us.

Quality Promise

Always offering the best price of Gold Products. At our end also, we check the products stringently to assure ourselves of certain parameters. Our team of quality analysts is well-versed with all the trends and developments of the field.

Client Satisfaction

Being a client-centric organization, our foremost objective is to deliver 100% satisfaction to esteemed clients. By offering them the best services in just few minutes, we save their time. By making free valuation of their gold assets and providing them the best prices, we have become a chosen name.

Why Us?

We have become a preferred name among our esteemed clients because of following aspects.

  • Best Price Assured : R-Gold Exchange Can Beat Any Genuine offer you have for your Gold.
  • Service Time 15 Minutes Only : Only 10/12 minutes are needed to evaluate each of your gold item.
  • Free Valuation : No Charge are taken for valuation from you.
  • Spot Cash Payment : Instant Cash Offer for your Gold.
  • Gold Loan Takeover : If you have taken any loan from any Gold Loan Finance company, we can help to get it dissolve by paying the loan company their amount and rest of the amount to you.
  • Testing of Your Gold In Front Of Your Eyes : We test your gold in Front of your Eyes, so you need not to worry of getting anything lost or Removed.
  • Testing Without Melting or Damaging it : We Do not Melt or Damage your gold as some of the other Jewelers do, as they do this purposefully so that you sell that melted or damaged gold to them only. In this way, we have gained an edge over our competitors.


  • Trying to sell / exchange gold is a criminal offense and will attract jail term.
  • Original bill or a copy of photo identification & address proof for verification is required.

Important tips for buying gold?

  • Always buy the gold from reputed shops and if you know anyone in this industry buy at his shop.
  • Always ask for receipt for while Buying & Selling Gold. Actually you must not buy gold without receipt.
  • Buy Gold with hallmark symbol on it. It indicates the symbol for purity and guanine nature of gold.
  • If you are buying gold coins or bars then purchase them from banks only.
  • Do not buy gold from any unauthorized person or shop this is serious criminal offence.